Monday, March 23, 2009

Free Upcoming Concerts

Just to let all of you KXUA listeners know, there are some great upcoming events in the very near future! All of these are free and open to anybody who just wants to hear some music, or maybe wants to happen upon music whilst getting coffee at RZ's on the UA campus! In any case, check out these artists and please come if you like them:

1) Susan Enan, and Irish singer-songwriter, will be playing in RZ's at 8 pm on WEDNESDAY (as in the 25th). Her show will be acoustic- and piano-based, but her voice is really beautiful, so she doesn't really need any help musically. And, in case you watch the TV show "Bones" her work has allegedly been featured on said television show. Give her a listen, if you so desire!

2) Jonathan Coulton, a silly lad who likes to sing about silly things and do covers, will be playing Tuesday, March 31st in the Union University Theatre at 7 pm. He also sings songs about video games, for those of you who like such things! His most famous song is probably "Skullcrusher Mountain." He also does a pretty good cover of a Leonard Cohen song.

3) Dana Falconberry, who has played here before, will be performing at 8 pm in RZ's on Wednesday, April 1st. She's very good and bringing three or four of her band members, so it's bound to be a great show!

If you have any questions, please email me at!

Have a glorious day/night/evening/morning/whathaveyou...

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