Friday, February 27, 2009

WHEELS OF STEEL - The Best Cuts of Music

(Artwork by Joëlle Storet)

Robe Flax and Sam Houser, hosts of the internet sensation "The Best Cuts of Music", joined me in the studio to discuss many issues of grave importance. After that, we talked about their show's concept, how the best music makes the cut, and where you, gentle listener, can download this great music. All this was interspersed with some of the best cuts of music the KXUA airwaves have ever heard. Download it here:

Wheels of Steel 02-25-09

If, for some strange reason, you just want the music without our witty banter lovingly placed in between the songs, well you go:

The Best Cuts of Music Mix

Join me next week Wednesday, March 4th at 8pm, when my guest will be DJ SweetNES.


Sam said...

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Sam said...

There you go!