Saturday, December 22, 2007

New blog look

Hey gang,

I've been making a few changes to the blog over the past few days, and I hope you like the progress. So far I've changed the color scheme to more closely match our main website to make them look more of a team, added a favicon that you'll notice in your bookmarks and at the top of your browser tab, updated the KXUA logo, changed the listen live link/graphic, but most importantly added a third column so we can have our program schedule easier to read and at the top in clear view. I've also made posting comments from non-blogger users require a image verification to cut down on spammers. I hope you guys enjoy all the new changes being made to streamline our blog presence. Let me know if there's anything you have issues with or might like to see happen.

-Bo "The Boom Operator" Counts


DJ Beth said...

It looks really good Bo!

Daniel said...

This is sweet, way to go Bo. Thanks for this blog redesign for KXUA!