Tuesday, August 18, 2009

My Trike is in the news!

If you have not heard, the trike I attempted to make KXUA's has really gotten some coverage. Last school year at Razorbash (2008) I had lugged a large tricycle up here from Texas in hopes to decorate it and make it a KXUA emblem, not realizing how much work that would actually take. The trike has sat outside my house my whole life only to be used rigorously in my younger years, then it moved and spent more time outside...rotting.
On campus it sat and sat because the damn thing was so heavy and mechanically uncontrollable. Months passed when the day I had anticipated occurred, the trike went missing. (come on, the trike is awesome, it didn't go un-noticed) To give myself some leigh-way for my search I went to UAPD to file my property stolen in case I ever saw it again.
Another couple months went by when I was leaving campus via Harmon to Center and there it was...chained up with a different seat on it. I tell you, I was happy as Pee Wee at the end of his big adventure. I called UAPD to come cut his chain and give me back my trike. After a week and a half things were resolved and the trike was safe in my garage.
I thought the whole ordeal was over but then things began to spark up with the news of my trike breaking Matt Petty's leg got out. Everything is completely resolved between Matt Petty and myself all because my property came back into my hands. You can read people's (mostly dumb and pigeon-holed) opinions on the Fayetteville Flyer article and the story even made it all the way to the NWA Times (if you actually want to read it non-subscribers email kxua@uark.edu and I will be happy to send it your way).
What really bothers me is that I put fliers in the Union, art building, Kimpel, and various other locations; and Petty had apparently not been too shy about cruising around town on the trike, yet no body ever once called about it. Uppity citizens seem to be taking advantage of the situation to ride upon their high horse of morality.

so the moral of the story is: take care of your crap.

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