Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Plastic Magic 7-27-09 (Shindig Shop special feature)

(photo by Erika Kent)
This is a feature show on one of my favorite Arkansas bands. Shindig Shop started in Little Rock in the early 1990's, eventually moving to Fayetteville in the mid-90's and continued to play as a popular act off and on until about 2003. This is an interview with two of the founding members Paul Burnham (keyboards, lead singer, songwriter) and Ross Hurley (guitarist). I (Filthy Phil) do not claim to be the best interviewer, but we had fun with it and i hope it comes across entertaining anyway. For those that got to see this legendary band play back in the day, this should be a treat. For those that didn't, i hope you enjoy what i believe to be one of the most creative bands from the state of Arkansas...Musicians featured: PAUL BURNHAM, ROSS HURLEY, RICK ERKE, BRENT SMITH, BILL LEE PHILLIPS, PHILIP CAFFEY, CLARE STARR, RICHARD GOODRUM, SID SIMONS, JASON ADAMS, BRIAN DICKERSON.... enjoy strange but true rock and roll DOWNLOAD LINK HERE:: http://www.mediafire.com/file/zyakjym321o/Plastic Magic 7-27-09 (Shindig Shop).mp3

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