Saturday, May 9, 2009


(Artwork by Joëlle Storet)

Wheels of Steel kicked off the month of May with a return visit from DJ Shortfuze. When last he was up for an interview and live mix, all kinds of things went haywire - from equipment problems to poorly worded descriptions of low-cost drink specials on Dickson Street. This time, though, we got it right! Shortfuze talked about upcoming dance nights at Club FIX (i.e. Treasure Fingers on May 20th) and his new Thursday night gig at LIT. After that it was time for the live mix, a perfect blend of electro, neo-disco, and '80s synth pop...with a healthy dose of scratchin' thrown in for good measure. Download the whole show here:

Shortfuze's live mix was a smooth blend of electro, neo-disco, '80s synth pop, and classic DJ scratchin'. The endless Arkansas rain got you down? Run inside, dry off, blast this mix and drown out that thunder with the bumpin' bass (think of the lightning as a strobe light). Click here to start dancing:

Two shows left to go before DJ EJ flees the country! On Wednesday May 13th at 8pm, Barker stops by for one last electro set before moving to Hawaii. Finally, for the last Wheels of Steel on May 20th, none other than Treasure Fingers will be up in the studio for an interview before he plays a live set at Club FIX later that night. Get ta dancin', people!

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