Sunday, May 3, 2009

WHEELS OF STEEL - Bizar (part deux)

(Artwork by Joëlle Storet)

After an exam-forced hiatus, Wheels of Steel returned to the airwaves with a visit from BIZAR. When last he was on in October, he was all about glitch and IDM. This time it was hip-hop in all its manifestations. BIZAR pre-recorded a family-friendly clean vocal hip-hop mix to play on the air and then live-mixed some instrumental hip-hop, dubstep, and even a little original 8-bit track he's been working on. We talked about the original idea for this radio show (thanks BIZAR!) and the upcoming appearance (May 20th!) by Treasure Fingers on Wheels of Steel and at Club FIX. Download it here:

Wheels of Steel 04-29-09

BIZAR was kind enough to put together a radio friendly, fun for the whole family hip-hop mix for his appearance on Wheels of Steel. Included free of charge in this 30 minute mix is a demonstration of BIZAR's scratchin' skills, which were last on display when he opened for Mix Master Mike back in January. Download it here:

BIZAR's Hip-Hop Mix

For his live mix BIZAR started off with some instrumental hip-hop. Then he went into dubstep...then electro...and finished it off with some original 8-bit. A great mix for you people with ADGD (Attention Deficit Genre Disorder)! Download it here:

BIZAR Live Mix 04-29-09

Three shows left to go before the summer break! This Wednesday, May 6th, from 8-10pm, Shortfuze returns to the KXUA studio. Then on May 13th, Barker stops by for one last electro set before moving to Hawaii. Finally, for the last Wheels of Steel on May 20th, none other than Treasure Fingers will be up in the studio for an interview before he plays a live set at Club FIX later that night. Get ta dancin', people!

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