Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Over Mozart's Dead Body Makes a comeback.

Sorry for the hiatus, folks. I got horribly ridiculously sick and was bedridden and shit. Then everyone's card access got wiped, so once I was better I couldn't get into the studio anyway. But all that is fixed now, so I'm back and ready to fulfill all of your contemporary classical desires. Which I know are vast.

In a special Wakarusa inspired episode, I shoe-horn a Wakarusa act into my show by just playing a bunch of 'rhythmically bound music.' Which really, is most music. Most of tonight's show will focus on driving percussion parts. I've moved up, too: I'm not at midnight anymore! Now at 10:00 pm (I think. I'm actually awaiting confirmation on this)!

Anyway, as a way of making up for being a shitty DJ in absentia, I was gonna give you the podcasts I recorded but never actually got around to posting. But mediafire is being a bitch, so nevermind. I'll just give you guys a massive podcast dump sometime soon.

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