Thursday, April 9, 2009

WHEELS OF STEEL - Dre Boogs & 607

(Artwork by Joëlle Storet)

It took months to put this show together...but damn, the results were worth it! We've been fortunate to have Dre Boogs in NWA, a man with years of broadcasting and DJing experience. He's moving to NYC at the end of April, to take his DJing and production skills to the next level. Before leaving he stopped by the KXUA studios to talk about the radio industry, his mixes and satellite radio show, and (of course) to lay down a live mix on the KXUA airwaves...
But wait! There's more! Little Rock's own 607 stopped by the studio as well, talked about his latest remixes and upcoming gigs in Moscow (!), and then threw out some freestyle rhymes over Dre Boogs' badass beats.
Is that enough for ya? Download it all here:

Wheels of Steel 04-08-09

With Dre Boogs droppin' beats on the turntables, 607 sat down in the KXUA studio and started rhymin' - some from his journal and some from whatever came to mind. Download it here:

607 & Dre Boogs Live Freestyle

Following 607's freestylin', Dre jumped right into his live set. Looking for a hip-hop mix that takes you back to the old school but still gives you a taste of what's new? Look no further...

Dre Boogs Live Mix 04-08-09

Tune in next week Wednesday, April 15th 8pm to 10pm, when my guest will be KXUA's own Beat Bachs! Until then...Hugs and Kisses ~ DJ EJ

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