Sunday, April 19, 2009


(Artwork by Joëlle Storet)

With veteran fellow KXUA DJ Beat Bachs in the studio, there was, of course, a lot to talk about. From the development of the NWA electronic music scene to the Big Beat origins of the Digital Earthquake radio show, we covered it all. Then, despite his professed nervousness, Beat Bachs threw down a dance mix which explains why his dance parties are THE place to be! Check out the whole show here:

Here it is - 69 minutes of disco dance music mayhem. Beat Bachs, in his first recorded mix in over a year, gives us lesson in how to get those booties shakin'! From 21st century neo-disco to obscure '80s girl bands like The've got to get this mix!! Download it here:

Join me again in two weeks (April 29th 8-10pm), when Bizar returns to spin an entirely different genre of music from the glitch and IDM he played for us last fall. Until then...

Regards, DJ EJ

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