Sunday, April 26, 2009

After the FACT 4-23-08

I will apologize in advance for the poor quality of this weeks show. My ipod, which contained this weeks carefully crafted playlist, decided to enter the inescapable clutches of recovery mode some 45 minutes before my show began. Unable to restore it, I clumsily moved as much music as I could on to my slowly dying and unreliable laptop and grabbed a few records and head up to the studio. For reasons unknown my laptop continuously overloaded and caused some skipping. That and the assholes who kept calling and requesting ODB made this a pretty crummy show for me. Hopefully not for you. It's only an hour long, and there are some great songs in it. I've got an ipod I'm bidding on on eBay so hopefully next week we will be back up to full throttle.

Download this weeks episode

I created a myspace account for the show and an email account for comments and requests. You can send anything at all to . I have had quite a few people try and call the show and want to discuss what I'm playing, which is kind of hard when I'm trying to do the show, so that would be a good place for that kind of stuff. Oh yeah, and check out the Klaus Nomi Documentry.

Now here is an awesome video by Ployrock, is Philip Glass playing keys?

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Heavy D said...

This video kicks ass!