Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Charts for March 17, 2009

Wow, it's been forever since I've done this, but Munsey & I have our charts going into SXSW for March 17, 2009:
1 BLACK LIPS 200 Million Thousand
3 N.A.S.A. The Spirit Of Apollo
4 HOLY SONS Decline Of The West
5 VARIOUS ARTISTS Dark Was The Night
6 MIRAH (A)spera
7 MILES DAVIS Kind Of Blue
9 VOLCANO SUNS The Bright Orange Years
10 SAM ROBERTS Love At The End Of The World
11 CHRISTIAN SCOTT Live At Newport
12 FAUNTS Feel.Love.Thinking.Of
14 PSAPP The Camel's Back
15 MORRISSEY Years Of Refusal
16 PAVEMENT Brighten The Corners
17 FOL CHEN Part 1: John Shade, Your Fortune's Made
18 ROKIA TRAORE Tchamantche
19 ZION I The Takeover
20 ELVIS PERKINS IN DEARLAND Elvis Perkins In Dearland
21 EXTRA GOLDEN Thank You Very Quickly
22 ABSU Absu
23 ROCKFORD MULES From Devil's Spit To Angel Tears
24 BENNY GOLSON The Best Of Benny Golson
25 CONDO FUCKS Fuckbook
26 OBSCURA Cosmogenesis
27 MALAJUBE Labyrinthes
28 VOLCANO SUNS All Night Lotus Party
29 TOMMY KEENE In The Late Bright
30 LAUREATES There Are No More Gentlemen
In charts this week, Black Lips rocketed to the top, while everyone's favorite grindcore vegans took the second spot. The oddest hip-hop collaboration of N.A.S.A. took the third spot, while Holy Sons and the Dark Was the Night Compilation rounded out the Top 5.

I realize most of you are gone for Spring Break, but when you get back, be sure to check out this week's adds, which include Tim Hecker, Chin Chin, Lady Sovereign, Jeremy Jay, and the Isles, the band that played the Live Music Commission's Fall Concert! Be sure to give these records some spins. Hopefully, Munsey & I will be talking to you again next week!
Dude from Fear Factory, Dude from some radio station in Minnesota, and Munsey, sporting a Fanny Pack. It's been a while since I've posted one of these, so I figured I should make the Munsey picture worthwhile.

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STUART! said...

I have missed munsey, and with the fronty pack makes it that much better