Sunday, January 18, 2009

The last Pop Tarts!

I'm afraid that, given the overwhelming amount of Actual Work on my roster this semester, I have had to put The Pop Tart on indefinite hiatus and I won't be returning to KXUA. In parting, I offer you the last two shows I recorded. They are riddled with various technical glitches, because my mind was in a hundred other places at the end of last semester, but the music is still pretty awesome.

The Pop Tart 12/1/08

This week, Fabienne DelSol's got Chills and Fever, Pas/Cal Wanna Take You Out in Your Holiday Sweater, Electrocute wanna be your Saturn Rings, and The Decemberists are simply Sticking With You. Like Jolie Holland says: Enjoy Yourself!

Listen to The Pop Tart 12/1/08

The Pop Tart 12/8/08

The first 60 seconds or so are haunted by the auditory ghosts of Lady Z's own technological ineptitude, but this week's Pop Tart is still a treat: a collection of love songs compiled by one Blind Derek Jenkins for our Fayetteville wedding party! Fans of Mystery Train won't want to miss this, Lady Z's last broadcast on the KXUA airwaves.

Listen to The Pop Tart 12/8/08

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