Sunday, December 21, 2008

wed. nite feature show with Filthy Phil Dec. 24th, 2008

On Wed. Dec. 24th Filthy Phil Host Of Monday Nite's Plastic Magic Show Will Do A Special Feature On Arkansas Bands From The 1990's 6pm-8pm. This Can't Include Every Band, But Will Include Shindig Shop, Cosmic Giggle Factory, Punkinhead, Grass, Dali Automatic and a 15min. Piece From The Phi Zappa Krappa Show (tribute to Frank Zappa after his death in 1994 by Little Rock Musicians). These Are All Bands That I Got To See While They Were Playing. Some Of These Recordings Are Mine That I Made And Are The Only Ones That Exsist. Others Are Just Rare, Archived From Cassette Tapes That Have Been Out of Print For A Long Time. So Get Your Tape Recorders Ready And Enjoy!

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