Sunday, October 5, 2008


(Artwork by Joëlle Storet)

Bizar was on hand this week to talk about how he started, djing clubs in Washington DC (and elsewhere), and where to check out electronic music on the radio and live in Fayetteville. His glitch, IDM, and drum 'n' bass live mix which followed the interview is not to be missed! Download the entire show here:

Wheels of Steel 10-01-08

Wheels of Steel shifted gears this week. Bizar's live mix of glitch, IDM, and drum 'n' bass is sure to engage and intrigue your eardrums...a little Squarepusher, anyone? Download it here:

Bizar Live Mix 10-01-08

This coming Wednesday it's all about the drum 'n' bass when DJ Pitchblack joins DJ EJ in the KXUA studio. Once again, that's Wednesday night from 8pm to 10pm only on KXUA.

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