Saturday, October 25, 2008

The Pop Tart 9/29/08 and 10/6/08.

Catch up on The Pop Tart—last two podcasts now available!

It's The Pop Tart's Rosh Hashanah special! Lady Z sees in the New Year with plenty of auditory apples, honey, and repentance. Also, Santogold gets the Diplo treatment, Amadou and Miriam get the Damon Albarn treatment, and we bid a fond farewell to Junior Senior!

Download THE POP TART 9/29/08

On the last installment of The Pop Tart before Lady Z heads to NYC to get married, DJ Eli remixes M.I.A., The Carter Family Keep on the Sunny Side, Les Primitifs Du Futur Cherche[nt] Apres Titine, and Lady Z indulges in a few love songs in between.

Download THE POP TART 10/6/08

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