Friday, September 12, 2008

Large Hardron Collider Web Cam

They started testing the Large Hadron Collider this last week. If you haven't heard about it, it's this enormous machine that spins particles around in a massive loop then slams them together to create an environment similar to the Big Bang.... or something. There is a small chance that this could create a black hole and destroy the Earth or even the universe, but the chances of that happening are like 1-50 million, well worth the risks. Anyway, they put a webcam up today and you can watch the testing. It happens every few minutes, it's pretty awesome.

LHC Webcam


Hunter said...

Wow. Great webcam feed! I love reading about the LHC.

Charmuh said...

Thanks for the webcam link Stuart, I was unaware they had one.

My favorite part is the lawsuit that was filed (and throw out) against the start-up of the operation. They, of course, were claiming that it would cause a black hole that would destroy the earth.

It's odd that something like the destruction of the human race would go through bureaucratic processes. Sounds like something out of Futurama.