Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Rock A Fire Explosion do Usher

I have fond fond memories of many birthday parties where jerky animatronic antrhopomorphic musicians sang classic rock tunes while I ate pizza. The curtains would close and we'd wonder what they were doing back there. Was it an act? Were they really alive? The mystery was only compounded when the robots were updated in the late 80s to allow members of the staff to control their voices and mouth movements.

20 or so years later, now, Billy Bob and the Rock Afire Explosion and Showbiz all together has been long since swallowed up by the less intresting and far less entertaining and creative Chuck E Cheese and crew, it warms my heart to know that some crazy person bought an entire Rock Afire stage show, and is uploading new songs to YouTube. God I love the internet.

Rock-Afire also shows up in this MGMT video, I do not understand why.

New documentary about the "band" coming out this fall!

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