Friday, June 27, 2008


Had a great show the other night. Brains were melted with the 13 minute epic opener from Amon Duul II's second album Yeti, and more good stuff. Keep listening Wednesday's 10-12am, as I am constantly finding new good stuff to play on my show!

Now I'd like to take a minute to highlight one of the best American bands from the 60's, and that is the Lovin Spoonful. Often time they get overlooked because we've all heard the hits than we would have liked to (Do you beleive in Magic, Summer in the City etc). Hopefully you will be convinced by watching the videos below as i, that the Lovin Spoonful are one of the best American bands of the 60's. There are some great camera pans on the cute girls in the front row, swooning over John Sebastian's sweet auto harp playing as well as very righteous guitar solos, and drumming. Enjoy

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