Monday, March 3, 2008


About two years ago, me and my friend Tom hosted a show on KXUA called NEOADIO. The goal of the show was no less than reinventing the medium of radio, although most of the time we just played weird and funny things and rambled and laughed at each other. It was one of the first shows to be podcast on KXUA, and you can probably find it all internet on various podcast aggregate sites. However, I doubt that many people actually downloaded it because we knew nothing about encoding, so the files were enormous, much to big to reasonably put on an IPod. I've been going through the twenty or so episodes I saved and converting them to a usable format and I will be posting them on the blog here. This is episode six and here is what this episode has in store for you:

-The Price is Right
-Greek Plate Smashing, the new Olympic sport
-Mohammad Cartoon Scandal
-Dick Clark's Message to the Older Generation
-Anne Coulter's visit to the U of A
-Net Neutrality
-Sounds of Space: MP3s found on the NASA website
-Man breaks Ming vase, ruins museums well being
-Nonsense movie trailer mash up
-Creation Science

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