Tuesday, February 5, 2008

February Shows

February 5
Lotus, Telepath, Victor Wooten @ George's Majestic
Brand New Face @ Arsaga's on Crossover
Wild Bees @ Greenhouse Grille
Open Jazz @ Iron Horse Coffee House
Fayetteville Funk Ensemble, Stingray @ The Boom Boom Room
Daniel Francis Doyle, Seth Sherman @ The New Deli (503 W. Prospect)
Matt Jones, Phase One @ The Gypsy
Cletus Got Shot @ Maxine's

February 6
Pentimino Players @ U of A Connections Lounge
Solomon's Vine @ Bayou
DJ Revellution @ Deja Vu
Daniel West, Sungods @ George's Majestic
Snake Eyes and the Bug Band @ The Green Door
Soundchild Crew @ The Ice House
Rachel Fields Band @ The Urban Table (Old Post Office)
Kevin Bennoch @ Pesto Cafe
DJ Michael + Drag Show @ Tangerine
Raja @ Taponozos

February 7
Epiphany, Gina Gee, One Night Stand & Six String @ Sticky Fingerz (Little Rock)
Matt and Gus @ Bordino's
Toast to the Blind @ The Green Door
Aerosault DJ's @ Brewski's

February 8
Jonathan Taylor Rose @ Arsaga's on Crossover
Apartment 5, A Good Fight, Jarris @ George's Majestic
Second Story @ The Urban Table (The Old Post Office)

February 9
Heypenny, DJ Shortfuze, Whisper Scream, The Bob Kramer Incident @ The Boom Boom Room
North Arkansas Symphony Orchestra, Christopher Davis @ Walton Arts Center
DJ EQ @ Toothpicks

February 10
Charliehorse @ George's Majestic

February 13
Aerosault DJs @ Brewski's

February 14
Trout Fishing in America @ George's Majestic
The Walter Savage Trio @ Bordino's
Aerosault DJ's @ Brewski's

February 15
MIX MASTER MIKE, DJS SHORTFUZE AND EQ @ George's Majestic *Co-Sponsored by KXUA*

February 19
North Mississippi Allstars @ Granada Theater (Lawrence, KS)
High on Fire @ The Bottleneck (Lawrence, KS)

February 21
The Burson / Starr Trio @ Bordino's
Aerosault DJ's @ Brewski's

February 22
The Whigs @ George's Majestic

February 23
8088 Record Release Party: Cracker Creeptacular, Ginsu Wives, Transmography @ The New Deli (503 W. Prospect)

February 25
The Black Lips @ The Bottleneck (Lawrence, KS)

February 28
Catfish Haven, The Redwalls @ Sticky Fingerz (Little Rock)
Nathan McLeod Trio @ Bordino's
Aerosault DJ's @ Brewski's

February 29
Fire Don't Care, Moses and the Burning Bush @ The New Deli (503 W. Prospect)

If you know of anymore, please e-mail promo@uark.edu.


Charmuh said...

correction: no Aerosault DJ's Feb. 13th at Brewski's.

Aerosault DJ's every Thursday at Brewski's. 7th, 14th, 21st, 28th.

DJ Beth said...

Sorry - I fixed it.

Charmuh said...

cool, thanks!

a. brown said...

Could you add a 2/17th show at the Dinosaur House? Shout Lulu, Dan Dean, and Tippy Canoe.

Mojo said...

This is a great idea, Beth! This will be a usefull tool for djs wanting to announce live shows coming up. Maybe there's a chance to have a permanent calendar feature on the blog for live music (something that's a little more comprehensive than jambase???)