Tuesday, February 5, 2008

February Aerosault Sessions

Hey folks, if you've missed the last few Aerosault Sessions at Brewski's on Thursdays...you've missed out!
Your main man Robe Flax is going to be out there Thursday the 14th doing a mesh of Midnight Star, Kraftwerk, and all the other classic rnb/funk/boogie/electro/breakdance jams. If you've been missing our KXUA show Aerosault Radio then here's your chance to hear the jams---live! Oh-em-gee!

Don't miss crowd favorite EQ on the 21st, local house legend (and Mark Farina favorite) Ben Armstrong on the 7th, and tons of dope ass DNB and Dubstep all month long.

Don't forget to download the jams!

Robe Flax - "Cracks the Stacks"
Robe Flax - "Electro Schmelectro"
Robe Flax - "Battle on Funk Mountain"
EQ & Shortfuze - January 2008 Promo
BMassiv - "Spa Sessions"

Also, don't forget some of this: crucial!

It's raining jams

"Fooled me once, shame on you; fool me again...you can't fool me again! - our current President

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