Tuesday, September 11, 2007

"Feel a Whole Lot Better"

As an appreciator of classic 60's rock and psychedelia, I'm always excited when I find a good live video of a great band. Most TV shows at that time didn't bother to record an actual live performance, opting instead for the band to stand around awkwardly with instruments unplugged, lip syncing to their hit song. However the Byrds came through for me today, as I stumbled upon an excellent rendition of "Feel A Whole Lot Better." Note the demonic look of Roger McGuinn, sporting an excellent pair of shades. Also note a beardless, bowl cut David Crosby as well as Frankenstein's monster substituting for drummer Micheal Clarke. The man in the middle is none other than Gene Clarke who later left the band after they released 5th Dimension. This is ironic in the fact that the Byrds best song "8 Miles High" was penned by Clarke, while his reason for leaving was because of his fear of flying.


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